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Memory Foam & Pocket Sprung

Hybrid Zero Gravity

Hybrid Zero Gravity

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Shipping & Returns

Please allow 3 to 5 working days for the mattress to be delivered to you.

At the time of delivery, if there is any fault or damage detected in the mattress, you can claim it right away or contact us within 5 days, after receiving it.

Dimensions (cm)

Single: 190cm(L) x 90cm(W) x 23cm(H)

Double: 190cm(L) x 137cm(W) x 23cm(H)

King: 198cm(L) x 152cm(W) x 23cm(H)

Super King: 200cm(L) x 180cm(W) x 23cm(H)

Customised: Please contact us on

Care Instructions

Please check for any damage to the item before opening the packaging, in case of return or exchange.


As our products are handcrafted, we can provide greater flexibility when it comes to modifying their firmness and dimensions to meet your requirements and offer greater comfort. Please refer to our contact page for any enquiry and changes you would like to make to the mattress.

Experience a perfect night's sleep with Hybrid Zero Gravity mattress! Our unique combination of 1000 pocket springs and hi-tech memory foam allows for optimal weight distribution and support. Enjoy a pressure relieving sleep with our luxurious fillings and premium stretch free fabric, all with zero gravity technology for ultimate comfort. All of this comes with the added benefits of hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite materials - ensuring you get the most out of your sleep every night. With Hybrid Zero Gravity, you can be sure to have a peaceful and restful night's sleep!

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Premium Quality with Reliability

All of our product's designes and Materials are selected under expert's supervision. Finished products go through Quality Control Unit (QC), which ensure product's realibity and product is free from any kind of damage.